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A Pinterest account consists of a huge database of pictures. Each one is the outcome of someone’s photographic creativity, from which the account holder can retrieve pictures to illustrate a theme. The word ‘theme’ refers to the subject or topic on which a person speaks, writes or thinks and is the name of the pin board . Each selected picture encapsutlates an idea as a mental impression that illustrates and supports the theme. The picture is pinned to the theme’s board to be curated and then stored for the future development of the theme. Pinterest has a facility to subdivide a theme into categories, each of which illustrate concepts underlying the theme. A concept is a generalized idea about a class of objects, attributes, occurrences, or processes that has been given a name.

For those interested in pictorial ideas that provide portals into science Zygeena’s NowSCAN boards are being developed for research into visual thinking about style in art and pattern in nature.
The main board is entitled “Patterns in and from Nature”. It is a work in progress and the theme has been provisionally divided into the following 17 concepts.

An Artful View of Ecological Microcosms.
Populated Microcosms
Microcosms in Bark
Tonal Mapping of Grassland Microcosms
Ageing at the Surface:
Patterns in Plant Distribution
Fractal Growth:
Textures and Shapes
Georgia O’Keefe:
Biomes Costa Rica
Edward Weston
Gustav Klimpt:
Chance in Pattern
Cultures from the Air:
Pattern in Insects
Spiral Growth